• Image of Woodsy Reindeer Critter Headband | Presale

Presale only. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery as these pieces are very detailed and intricate. Each critter will change just a little as time goes on and my availability to the detail pieces change with the season. They however, will always stay in the same color range.

PLEASE NOTE - depending on what kinds of twigs I have available to me, the twig antlers may vary. If you have an concerns, please contact me!

Available in Sitter (larger ears, and band) or newborn size.

Item intended for photographic prop purposes only.


  • Sitter - WITH ANTLERS
    91 in stock
  • Newborn - WITH ANTLERS
    91 in stock
  • Sitter - NO ANTLERS
    96 in stock
  • Newborn - NO ANTLERS
    99 in stock